About Vivi

Why was Vivi created?

Applying to college is a complex process, and trying to do it during the Coronavirus pandemic can be overwhelming. Closed schools have left many students with less access to school counselors for assistance. We created Vivi to help fill that gap. Though a virtual assistant can never replace the trusted advice of a counselor, we believe Vivi can help students and their parents/guardians during this uncertain time.

What is Vivi intended to do?

Vivi is intended to assist prospective college students through the college admissions process during the Coronavirus pandemic. She guides students through the major college admissions tasks, including applying for admission, getting financial aid, and enrolling in school. Vivi provides students with links to connect directly to college resources at each step of the admissions process. Importantly, Vivi was designed primarily for first-generation college goers from the greater Baltimore area.

What can Vivi not guarantee?

Vivi is designed to provide general guidance and information to help students apply and enroll in college. Vivi (and our team) cannot guarantee admission or financial aid outcomes for any prospective student. Though we have tried to keep Vivi updated with the most accurate information, students should contact colleges and universities directly to confirm all policies and deadlines.

Who created Vivi?

Vivi was created by a small group of graduate students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education: Zyrashae Smith, Nathaniel Dewey, and Juan Cortes. The students combined their experience in college access and computer programming to design an easy to use platform to assist future college students in attaining their educational goals. Invaluable support for the project was also provided by Marc Stein and Rachel Durham from the Baltimore Education Research Consortium and Rudy Ruiz and Tamir Harper from FourPoint Education Partners.

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